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Uptown Blend / Dark Roast Bold

Downtown Blend / Dark Roast Extra Bold

Midtown Blend / Medium Roast Bold
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French Roast / Dark Roast
Italian Roast / Dark Roast
Town Donut Shop / Medium Roast Extra Bold
Bed & Breakfast Blend / Light to Medium Roast
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Vanilla Bean
Colombian DeCafe




Beantown Roasters Coffee for Keurig* and Keurig Compatable K Cup & Single Serve Brewers

Initial Orders of our Coffee has started shipping. Please click on the order coffee link and select a variety pack of our 12 gourmet coffee's.

Beantown Roasters specializes in premium coffee for K-Cup machines. Our coffee is roasted fresh and sealed even fresher to give you the best single serve coffee experience possible. Beantown Roasters will provide you with a better selection of coffee varieties for your decerning brewing demands.

Beantown Roasters coffee variety packs include a wide assortment of high grade specialty blends, single origin and even the most popular as well as unique flavored coffee for single serve coffee brewers.

30 years experience our artisian roaster has in producing some of the best coffee blends available in the world today. All of our coffee beans go through a hand selection process. Our coffee beans are all of the highest quality.

Our unique single serve coffee packinging process ensures your coffee arrives fresh and stays fresh, in fact our coffee can have a useful life of over an entire year (though we doubt you will wait that long to enjoy it). Our goal is for you to experience a cup of Beantown Roasters coffee better than if you roasted and ground the beans yourself that day (all in under a minute).

Beantown gives you a superior cup of coffee. Beantown Roasters uses only premium grade coffee beans. Premium grade coffee is far superior to the commericial grade coffee you might find in your local supermarket or even at your nearby coffee chain. We also give you more coffee in each serving. More coffee in each serving means you can use the medium or larger cup size on your brewing machine and get a bigger and better quality cup of coffee.

Our pricing is roaster direct. Beantown Roasters has no middle man between our superior coffee and you. We are able to offer you the best prices for premium grade coffee. We have our own Roast master and package all coffee in house which allows a quality control level second to none.


Beantown Roasting

Beantown Roasters starts with the very best hand selected coffee.

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Keurig and K Cup are registered trademarks for Keurig and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Beantown Roasters has no affiliation with Keurig or Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Beantown is proud to be an independant coffee roaster and wants to provide you the consumer with as many selections as possible for nearly all single serve coffee brew systems including Keurig.